Lips by Inda P

As a makeup lover, I’m always here for new cosmetic brands that I’ve never tried. I also have a soft spot for indie brands from WoC. So when I was introduced to Lips by IndaP by a mutual friend I could not wait to try.


I’m always down for a good lipstick. However the lipstick snob in me is very picky. Like pet peeves, can’t stand, throw a whole hissy fit about peeved. I can’t stand a smelly lipstick. I won’t wear a red unless I’ve already tried it on in a store. I’m not a fan of ultra shiny lipsticks or glosses (been there done that all through high school). I refuse to have to be forced to wear a balm underneath a lipstick just so that I’m comfortable wearing it due to the formula being too drying. I won’t continue to wear a lipstick I have to reapply too often and I hate cheap packaging. Like I really hate cheap packaging, Black Radiance I’m looking at you. When it comes to Lips I have none of the above problems.

I ordered two lipsticks (Mojave and Onyx) and one lip cream( Haute Chocolate). The packaging is sturdy, sleek, and comes in one of my favorite colors silver. Something about black or silver packaging is everything to me. There is a good amount of product in each tube and they are labeled with the name on the bottom(add not properly labeled to my list of lipstick pet peeves). The quality of these lips sticks is not just in packaging but within the quality of these lipsticks themselves.


Lips definitely lives up to its motto ” Do what the ordinary fear”. The range of the lipstick is amazing and so on trend. They range from natural brown girl friendly nudes to bright futurist teal. All the products made by Lips are made with natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oils, grape seed oils, macadamia oils and vitamin E.  The formula for the lipsticks are very moisturizing,emollient, and comfortable. Even with them being so emollient they don’t bleed and the transfer rate of these lipsticks is low. They really do stay in place once they set and the color payoff is so opaque.

Each picture is taken without a lip liner so that you can see the true color of the lipstick. Also each picture was taken with flash except for Onyx. For some reason I could not get it to photograph the way I wanted it to. I apologize for the poor pictures and having to look up my nostrils. I’m still trying to figure out how to take the perfect picture. I’m not there yet but I promise to work on it.


Haute Chocolate is the perfect chocolate-brown. If you’re looking for a throw back 90’s lip color that is so on trend right, now this is it. It’s so natural and beautiful. It has become my go to. Almost to the point that I will probably need a back up in a few weeks. I’m running through this lip cream like water, like I’m literally drinking it up. It is my favorite out of all three colors I ordered.


Mojave is the perfect mauve almost peachy nude. I love that it’s a great nude for brown girls but has enough of a mauve and peach undertones that it can flatter any skin tone.


Onyx is everything. It is so opaque it’s insane. It is a deep black and not a scary black, but a sexy, vampy black. It’s just perfection. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of Onyx because my picture doesn’t do the color justice.


The owner of Lips by IndaP, Inda Poellnitz is so sweet and definitely a dope chick. The lipsticks are $20 each but you can get three lipsticks for $50 which is a great deal for these quality lipstick. If you’re interested in getting your hands on these amazing gems check out the website or her Instagram.



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